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About Kayan

Vision: Kayan envisions a secure and just society free of gender-based discrimination, in which Arab Palestinian women in Israel enjoy full and equitable opportunities for self-actualization, and take a leading and active part in society through realizing their individual and collective rights.

Mission: Kayan strives towards consolidating an active, systematic, nationwide feminist movement that actively effects social change through contesting the root causes of gender-based discrimination, defending and promoting the rights of women, and ensuring their integration in decision-making positions in general.

Strategy of change: Through two interconnected departments, we work on several parallel levels, utilizing strategies of empowerment, awareness-raising, community organizing, and advocacy.

Kayan’s Department of Community Work mobilizes women to challenge gender discrimination at the levels of family, community and society, and to actively participate in public life and decision-making processes through long-term investments in the development of Arab women’s leadership at the grassroots. Support of women-led community organizing in Arab villages has emerged as a cornerstone of Kayan’s work, a tool that empowers women to overcome imbalances and to improve their lives in tangible ways. We strengthen civil society institution building among Palestinian women with intensive empowerment and leadership training; ongoing professional development support, and access to frameworks for inter-organizational networking and collaboration. The main themes we are currently promoting within our grassroots work are: violence against women, gender-sensitive budgeting, women’s health, and women in local politics.

Kayan’s Legal Department leverages the community department’s efforts by informing program development, providing legal tools to support local initiatives, engaging with institutional stakeholders, and promoting an Arab Palestinian feminist agenda on the national stage. Our legal team investigates institutionalized barriers to women’s rights actualization; empower Arab women as informed decision makers able to demand their rights; litigate in defense of women’s human and civil rights; and advocate the social, political, economic, and legal changes critical to the promotion of their status and the success of their initiatives. Through in-depth research, free legal consultation and representation, strategic advocacy and rights education for Arab Palestinian women in Israel, our legal team works to improve legal access and leverage gender-responsive litigation as a tool for social change. The legal department focuses on two main themes which emerged as fundamental to defending women’s rights: personal status, and employment rights, including sexual harassment at the workplace.

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