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Intern’s Reflections: Talya

12039579_972670176139143_7272156340351679737_nI have been in Haifa, working with Kayan for just 2 weeks now. In that short time I have already learned so much. Kayan’s commitment to empowering strong women leaders is apparent the moment you enter our offices. Sharing an office space with the Haifa women’s collective, one is constantly surrounded by exciting things. That’s not to say an intern here is not responsible for traditional office work, for we surely are. However, it is rewarding knowing I am a part of the meaningful grass-roots activism taking place in Jusur. Let me explain…

The way Kayan operates is unlike many non-profits I have seen before. Just like program participants in the Jusur Forums and community groups are responsible for steering the direction and development of the organization, interns are entrusted with serious responsibilities. This is not because there is no one else to take on these roles, in fact I have never been surrounded by so many strong, professional, educated women. Simply put, the women I have interacted with are interested in encouraging my learning and intellectual growth. In every step of the organization, Kayan is grounded in its commitment to empowering women to take on leadership roles.

As a high school student, I have already begun learning the structure for grant writing proposals and the nature of advocacy and grassroots political movements. I am excited about my continued involvement with Kayan and all of the opportunities I have here.


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This entry was posted on October 1, 2015 by in General News.
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