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Jusur National Forum of Arab Women Leaders Network Meeting: Combating the Phenomenon of the Murder of Women


The National Jusur Forum of Arab Women Leaders, in collaboration with Kayan, held its second network meeting of 2015 in April in the village of Sulam on the theme of combatting the murder of women. Thirty-five women leaders participated from more than twenty Arab villages. The meeting was held in the Sulam community center. Ms. Iman Zoabi, one of the local women leaders, welcomed the forum’s Forum, commended its work, and highlighted the importance of the regional meeting as well as the importance of the issues raised. Mona Mahajneh, the coordinator for Kayan’s community department, said, “Representatives from feminist groups from more than 20 Arab towns arrived to the Forum’s meeting to discuss methods for the continuation of work around the issue of combating femicide and for the development of an action plan as part of a regional campaign.” New groups who joined the forum were welcomed, including a group of women from Shefa-‘Amr and an anti-femicide group.

The meeting began with an introduction by Hanan Khatib, Kayan’s community organizer. Her goal was to bring the new and veteran participants closer to one another in order to facilitate a deeper discussion of difficulties and challenges, and to find solutions. Afterwards, Rawyah Lucia, a Kayan community organizer, presented a map of women who were killed in Arab villages.

The second part of the meeting was aimed at presenting stories and listening to women’s thoughts and suggestions for combating femicide. Each woman shared stories of women they knew who were murdered or had been threatened with murder. One of the women said, “I know a woman who was abused because of her claims to her inheritance. As of now, she hasn’t been killed, but she is threatened!”

The meeting concluded with the decision to implement the national anti-femicide campaign on May 27, and the women organized advertisements for the campaign in newspapers and on social media sites. The campaign is considered to be the first of its kind on the theme of women’s murder. In order to organize the campaign the women divided themselves into working groups in order to coordinate, advertise, and promote the campaign on a national level.

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