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The Phenomenon of Killing Women: A Return to the Dark Ages?

challenging the killing of men

This January. Kayan and Baladna, in a joint project, launched a new facebook page, created by 7amleh, calling for “Challenging the ‘Honour’ Killing of Men.” The campaign highlights and challenges the phenomenon of violence against women among the Palestinian community in Israel, as well as in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. The campaign uses the concept of” killing men for ‘honour’” in order to highlight the gendered nature of this violence, and the double standards which are applied to men and women in Palestinian society. Prior to 7amleh’s involvement, Baladna and Kayan held public education activities on the subject in 8 towns and villages around Palestine and continue to work in the field in order to reduce instances of violence against women and “honour” killings.
The worrying results of field research conducted about Palestinian young people’s views on violence against women in Palestinian society by Baladna and Kayan were published mid-last year and became the basis of the campaign. The campaign uses humor, a technique usually not used to address social issues, to address this difficult issue in Palestinian society. By creating a parody facebook page calling for “Challenging the Killing of Men Under the Pretext of Family Honour,” the absurdity of the campaign has already attracted a large number of followers. This support provides a strong foundation for the second phase of the campaign, which presents the shocking data on the phenomenon of killing women.

Creative director Razi Najjar: “To confront the hard-hitting statistics, such as the fact that 90 women have been killed in the last 10 years and 55% of the young people involved in the study supported the killing of women in certain circumstances, as well as society’s apathy towards this issue, we decided to launch a fake facebook page that included designs and videos challenging the killing of men in order to shock people and to make them think. So far, this phase of the campaign has received an overwhelmingly positive response from the target audience, indicating that we have effectively delivered our message.”
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Nadim Nashif, director of Baladna said: “The campaign continues the project of public education, a goal shared by the organizations Baladna & Kayan, to raise social awareness of systemic violence against women. We are aspiring to reach out to different sectors of society that both directly and indirectly support the phenomenon of violence against women and the killing of women.” Director of Kayan, Rafah Anabtawi, said: “Within our work in Kayan, it is a priority to reduce all forms of gender discrimination. The joint project with Baladna and 7amleh will enhance what we do regarding the issue of violence against women, specifically on the killing of women. We see the partnership and cooperation with Baladna and 7amleh as very important as we believe that women’s issues in general, and the phenomenon of violence against women in particular, is the responsibility of all social movements, not only the domain of women’s organizations. This campaign is designed to highlight the case of female marginalization which has not been seriously dealt with before by any social actors, including the state and official institutions.” 7amleh – the Arab Center for the Advancement of Social Media produced 5 videos for the campaign and hosted them on the fake facebook page mentioned above. In less than a week the facebook page had received: – 6303 likes – around 50000 views of the five campaign videos – more than 80000 engagements (clicks, likes, comments, shares) – Over 800,000 shows on news feeds. The popularity of the page is a testament to the campaign’s effectiveness and growing popularity. It is clear that is has provoked conversations and reflections on the topic of “honour” killing among young Palestinians, and this is a trend which the campaign aims to build upon and to improve even further. Follow us on the campaign website: – See more at:


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