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Lecture on Mental Health and Nutrition in Deir Hanna

The single women’s group in Deir Hanna continued its work to improve the health status of women in Arab society by organizing a lecture on the evening of Tuesday, 4 June by Ms. Sihem Badarne, a public health specialist, entitled “Proper Nutrition and Mental Health for Women.” The lecture stressed the importance of adopting healthy lifestyles, emphasizing the roles of balanced nutrition and daily physical activity in the improvement and maintenance of physical and mental wellbeing.

Women from Deir Hanna listen to a lecture on mental health and nutrition.

Women from Deir Hanna listen to a lecture on mental health and nutrition.

This lecture is part of a project run by the Deir Hanna single women’s group in collaboration with Kayan that aims to raise awareness of holistic health among women in general and to encourage women to adopt healthier lifestyles. When the project began two years ago, Kayan offered training curricula focused on empowerment for single women in the community. Since these trainings, the women in this group have worked to raise the status of Arab women and increase their participation in public life through a wide spectrum of projects and programs that focus on the articulated health needs of women in the community. The group’s leader, Suheir Hussein, described the objectives of the women’s group: “Our goal (…) is to change our society, improving the status of women in general and the status of women’s health in particular. We have begun the change by working to increase women’s awareness of the reality of women’s health in our society, and of the necessity of improving this situation.”

Single women activists in Deir Hanna have organized several lectures dealing with a range of health-related topics, including the risks posed by obesity and unhealthy diets, the importance of regular exercise, and awareness of gender-specific health challenges facing women. After the lecture on Tuesday, one of the members of the women’s group described her experiences with this program in Deir Hanna, encouraging others to participate. “I advise every woman to join this work. This experience is a real opportunity for every woman who has not had a chance before to achieve personal goals and to develop her leadership skills to take an active and influential role in ensuring that she lives in a healthier, better society.”


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