News from Kayan Feminist Organization

Feminist Portrait: Rula Deeb

“You know when you’ve been involved with feminism for so many years, you don’t really think of yourself as ‘a feminist.’ It’s just part of you, part of how you perceive the reality (…) I think that it is crucial as an analytical tool in order to analyse society and its structures in a critical manner. If I say that I’m a feminist it means that I’m against women’s oppression, which is the widest kind of oppression of mankind – and womankind. Feminism is simply this kind of understanding of gender relations in society. Feminism, and especially ‘Haifa feminism,’ which is particularly colourful and created by and inclusive toward women from many diverse backgrounds, makes you ask questions (…) I became aware of new ways of interacting with people that I did not know before. I started to think about myself differently, the manner in which I perceive the world and the future. I came from a ‘fixed’ background where it is clear where you are from, who you are, and what your future will look like. Through feminism you discover new perspectives and create yourself – but it is not easy! I felt less secure. However, later on when I came to be more experienced I started to feel more confident about changing things in my life. It is this kind of awareness that translates into feminist actions. Small actions in a village could be motivated by feminist ideals, while big steps for someone somewhere else may not be feminist at all without this kind of awareness. Feminism is an ideology. As I said, I don’t think of feminism as such on a daily basis. Many times I behave based on other things (…) on other values that I think inspire me differently than ideology: love, for example.”


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This entry was posted on April 2, 2013 by in General News.
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