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Education against Racism in Yaft an-Nassriye

Kayan-Feminist Organization and the Association for Civil Rights in Israel, in cooperation with the Yaft an-Nassriye Community Center, organize a lecture on “Education against Racism”

Kayan-Feminist Organization and the Association for Civil Rights in Israel have joined forces in order to enhance awareness and strengthen the human rights discourse within the Palestinian society in Israel. Through a series of lectures for grassroots women activists, the partners are working to recruit and motivate Arab citizens to struggle for their civil and human rights. As part of this program, a lecture was recently held in the Arab village of Yaft an-Nassriye entitled, “Education against racism,” organized in collaboration with the local community center. Ms. Rose Amer of ACRI led a discussion for more than local 30 activists, most of whom are active in community-based organizing in the region.

The program was opened by Ms. Towibah Majdoub of Kayan-Feminist Organization, who spoke about Kayan’s efforts to raise women’s awareness of their political and social rights as citizens and as members of the Arab national minority. Majdoub emphasized that participation in such activities is an important element in mobilizing women to claim their rights.

Ms. Amer then touched upon the prevalence of racism in Israel, a social plague affecting the Arab minority throughout the country. She described the impact of racism, upon women in particular, and the ways in which this phenomenon has extended to all levels of society. The women discussed their own experiences of discrimination, on the basis of both national identity and gender, and expressed their desire to deepen their understanding in this domain. They stressed the urgency of reaching additional women who were unable to participate in the lecture.

Ms. Maisoon Badawi, Coordinator of Projects and Field Work at ACRI, commended the work of the partners in organizing this lecture series. She noted the rapidly growing interest in women’s rights and in the rights of the Palestinian national minority in Israel. Badawi stressed the need to raise awareness of these issues and the importance of follow-up within the Palestinian community in general, and with women in particular, to address violations of individual and collective rights.


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This entry was posted on January 28, 2013 by in Department of Community Work, General News.
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