News from Kayan Feminist Organization

Feminist Portrait: Rafah Anabtawi

Rafah Anabtawi, Coordinator of the Department of Community Work

Rafah Anabtawi, Department of Community Work Coordinator“Feminism is simply the chance to think and do as I believe – as a person and as a human being. I don’t want to be treated as a ‘woman,’ per se. I want to have the same options and alternatives as everyone else. I think this is radical because it includes all possible rights. I don’t believe that quotas to recruit women to positions are feminist. Positive discrimination – getting a woman involved just for the sake of it – is not feminist in my opinion. This is actually an area of disagreement at Kayan. For example, having two or three women within the local authorities who think like men does not improve our situation, does it? If our society is not ready to get women involved then we can’t simply do it on our own. And we shouldn’t do so just because our law asks us to. After all, it’s still men who will choose these women. If there are two positions, they should not be filled by a man and a woman but by whomever is most qualified. Feminism is not quantitative it’s qualitative. If you ask me if I live like a radical feminist, of course not. I can’t. When it comes to our work, one of the most controversial and difficult topics in this field remains the right of a woman to her body and sexuality… I think Kayan thinks in both radical and liberal feminist traditions. I don’t see any single feminism at Kayan. There are a lot of different ideas and opinions. Certainly there are times when in consideration of others I don’t adhere to my own personal preferences. If I’m invited to an event, I dress accordingly, even if I’d rather not. Even though I’m much more comfortable with my current feminism, I am aware that I am still going through a process. But it is not easy. Sometimes you’re forced to compromise between your ideology and your practical daily reality.”

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This entry was posted on December 19, 2012 by in General News.
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