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Women for Social Change – Course Graduation

In November, Kayan-Feminist Organization concluded the latest cycle of its Women for Social Change training course, celebrating the graduation of its fourth group of participants. The program, organized by Kayan in collaboration with the Daroub Institute and Shatil – Haifa, offers six months of intensive training in feminist leadership for social change. Utilizing what they learn in the course, participants go on to plan and execute needs-based projects in the field. The curriculum centered around five theoretical pillars: patriarchal structures and activism for social change; laws and rights from the perspective of gender; women, power and politics; grassroots community organizing; and development of skills for effective group work. Importantly, as participants apply their newly acquired capacities in the development of community-based interventions, Kayan continues to provide professional accompaniment, consultation and other development resources.
Rafah Anabtawi, Coordinator of Kayan’s Department of Community Work, highlighted the critical role of feminist activists in promoting the status of women in their communities and beyond. She commended the activists for their commitment, highlighting the strong message it sends regarding the advancement of the Palestinian society toward a more just future, free of gender-based discrimination and other forms of intolerance.
Both the participants and implementing partner organizations evaluated the overall effectiveness and impact of the course. In this context, the partners expressed their thanks to all of the civil society organizations that stood behind and enriched the initiative. The partners stressed that the course constituted an important opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills that enable the participants to actualize their individual and group potential. Developing leaders hence develop practical mechanisms to take an active role in feminist social change striving for social justice and equality.
Commenting on the importance of the course, Areej Touma said, “Through the curriculum and professional structure of the course, I can see the links between theory and fieldwork more clearly. I am happy to have been a part of the Women for Social Change course and am looking forward to continuing my journey with the help and support of Kayan.”

At the conclusion of the meeting, Director of Shatil – Haifa, Fathi Marshoud, expressed his admiration of the determination to learn and work for the benefit of the community. He felt reassured, he said, in the presence of such energy and the women’s call for social change. Fathi also conveyed his thanks and appreciation to the staff of Kayan for its efforts toward the successful implementation of this initiative and for contributing to a brighter future for the community.


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