News from Kayan Feminist Organization

Feminist Portraits: Alhan Nahhas-Daoud

TAlhan Nahhas-Daoudhe term ‘feminism’ as such is too broad to define it a few sentences. Feminism to me means to practise my rights the way I perceive them. My rights are not based on social treaties created by traditional prejudice and upheld by religious court decisions. Also being Palestinian, to me, means to be free as a woman. To find work like a man… not even to be ‘equal’ as such but to have my own agenda. Also to live and raise my children as I wish. To be a mother and to have the opportunity to work. To be respected not simply because I’m a mother and a woman but because I choose to be a mother. This decision should not be a disadvantage at my workplace… Personally, feminism means to have freedom and the space to practice it. To do what I want without needing the permission of anybody.

I don’t think that Kayan practices liberal or radical feminist in its approach. I tend to think it is both. When we discuss legal matters, for instance, it is liberal. Other times, I think our ideas are radical. What makes Kayan’s feminism so special in my opinion is that no matter how your feminist ideology looks, your voice is appreciated. This is because Kayan believes in the power of women. When I started working at Kayan I wasn’t ‘empowered’ enough as a woman. Kayan made me take these steps. It is very authentic in that sense. I worked at other human rights NGOS that were not as authentic and did not accept other points of view. Usually, there is only one person in charge who wants to change the world without changing the employees or the working environment. Kayan is unusual in this regard; each employee at Kayan contributes to the final decision because that is what our feminism is about.


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This entry was posted on July 30, 2012 by in General News.
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