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Glazer ordered to pay damages

In 2010 Tel Aviv District Court had granted Kayan – Feminist Organization amicus curiae (“friend of the court”) status civil proceeding against Ofer Glazer, who was convicted of sexual harassment in 2007. On 1 December 2011, the court finally ordered the businessman to pay compensation of NIS 250,000 to a nurse he had employed privately in his home. Kayan and other women’s rights defenders supported the claimant’s demand for compensation of NIS 5 million, based on the severe trauma and resulting mental disability caused by Glazer’s harassment. Though Judge Eitan Orenstein ruled in the victim’s favour, he dismissed her claim of having sustained 40% permanent disability as “exaggerated”.

As amicus curae, Kayan, the Association of Rape Crisis Centers and Tmura (The Israeli Anti-Discrimination Legal Center) provided the court with expert information on the physical and financial consequences of sexual harassment. Despite Judge Orenstein’s criticism of the three organisation having been “misled by the plaintiff’s version”, Kayan attourney and sexual harassment expert Alhan Nahhas-Daoud regards the organisations’ having been granted amicus curiae, as well as victory in the case, as crucial steps toward increasing public awareness of the consequences of sexual harassment.

Read Jerusalem Post article here…


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