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“Women Activists for Social Change” course set to conclude theoretical instruction

The theoretical segment of Kayan’s 3rd course, “Women’s Activism for Social Change,” is coming to an end. Seventeen women from nine towns and villages started meeting in May, among them six participants of community projects that Kayan has helped establish in recent years. The purpose of the course was to provide up-to-date information as well as practical tools for community organizing from a feminist point of view. Participants shared experiences with each other and created a network of social support for future cooperation.

Formed in May 2010, the group has already had a total of 19 meetings. Topics covered in the course have included the social construction of identity, feminist legal perspectives including family, employment and sexual harassment law, gender and equality, non-violent conflict resolution, patriarchy, social structure and the status of women. The course has emphasized the strength and power of women to enact social change, the importance of building relationships between women for cooperative work, and community leadership. In the upcoming practical segment of the course, participants will put what they have learned into practice by implementing a new project in their community. Kayan’s community organizers will provide ongoing professional support and help the women to develop their ideas into sustainable community programs.

This course is a collaboration of Kayan and Kidma – Project for the Advancement of Women at the University of Haifa.







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This entry was posted on November 1, 2010 by in Department of Community Work.
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