News from Kayan Feminist Organization

Kayan Welcomes New Staff and Interns

Joseph Thomas, PR and Development Coordinator

Joseph holds a BA in Finance from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Since 2002, he has been deeply involved in the pursuit of human rights and social justice for Palestinians. Kayan’s first male employee, Joseph is honored to have become a part of this talented and dedicated team.

Johanna L. Rivera, Intern

Johanna is a graduate student at George Washington University in DC. She is going to pursue her Master Degree in Global Public Health. Her area of interest is access to health in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Johanna has been involved in social justice and human rights in the Middle East for the past 2 years. She belongs to organizations in the USA that work for peace and justice in the Middle East such as the Middle East Crisis Committee and the Israel Palestine Peace Education and Action group of Connecticut.  She has studied Arabic for 2 years and loves to travel and learn new cultures and languages.

Robin Goulding, Intern

Robin Goulding holds a B.A. in Political Science and International Relations from the University of British Columbia. She is particularly interested in human rights and development in post-conflict societies and believes that women’s empowerment is at the forefront of social change and development. It is the first time that she is working for a women’s rights organization and is very excited and inspired by Kayan’s work. “The courage and determination of the women here is truly inspirational. It is a constant struggle for the Palestinian women in Israel and it is remarkable to witness the progress being made and the successes of Kayan.”


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