News from Kayan Feminist Organization

An Active Approach towards Personal Economy

Kayan is currently working with three groups of women in Yafia, Kufr Qara and Arabeh on the issue of personal economy. To date there have been nine meetings, which aim to teach the women about their economic rights, give practical advice on how to plan their economic lives, and educate them on how to prepare financially for the future. Through an evaluation mid-way through the program, participants communicated that they are very satisfied and are becoming more confident and optimistic concerning the goals of the project. They spoke to the importance of the issue, spreading the information and enrolling more women. In a recent meeting, the women also discussed ways that they are taking it upon themselves to become active in their personal economies, such as reading financial reports and educating themselves on their rights and responsibilities regarding personal savings and insurance.

A contentious issue with respect to personal economy, as well as a potential obstacle to the success of the project, has been rooted in Qur’anic interpretations regarding personal savings, as some of the women expressed concern about whether saving money is compatible with religious obligation. On October 14th, Nayfe Sarrissi, Director of Nisaa Wa Afaaq (Women and Horizons), provided a lecture on the subject. The Nisaa Wa Afaaq organization seeks to change the social reality of Palestinian women inside Israel and promote women’s rights through progressive interpretation of Islamic texts. She discussed feminist interpretations of the Qur’an in regards to personal savings and explained that in fact, family savings are not forbidden but rather encouraged in moderation. Kayan hopes that this will further instill confidence in the women on the process and goals of the project.

This fall, Kayan also worked with an insurance agent to begin the process towards developing a practical financial plan for the women. A sample program for savings was drawn up based on the average age of the women as well as a comprehensive private medical insurance plan. From here, Kayan will be evaluating and comparing different insurance and savings plans in order to help the women choose the best option. In hopes of enrolling a large group of women to commit to the financial and insurance plans, Kayan has been working with the current group on effective ways to approach potential participants.

New Publication: “Insurance and Savings: Planning for a Better Future”

Kayan’s new brochure, “Insurance and Savings: Planning for a Better Future” (in Arabic), talks about the importance of saving money and having an insurance policy. It outlines different programs for personal finances for both women who work outside of the home and women that work at home. The goal of the brochure is to educate and encourage the women to save for their old age.


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