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Nazareth: Kayan Press Conference on Women’s Exclusion from Local Politics – Corruption and Use of Force Identified as Forces that Hinder Women’s Candidacies for Local Office

Ibrahim Yousef Athameleh Published 07/03/2018 13:30 Original Article: Kayan Feminist Organization held a special press conference this afternoon at St. Gabriel Hotel in Nazareth, during which Kayan showed the results … Continue reading

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Kayan’s 2016 Annual Report

Greetings, we are glad to share with you are 2016 annual report, which gives a good overview of our 2016 year. Please find the report by following this link.

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A Kayan Women’s Group in Shefa-‘Amr continues their “Our Journey” campaign

In the context of a social campaign supported by the Kayan Feminist Organization, an organization which has established women’s leadership groups in various cities and villages, a woman’s group in … Continue reading

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Kayan Begins A Dialogue Project

Last Tuesday night, Kayan Feminist Organization held the first meeting of its “Kayan Dialogues” series. These events are meant to create a space for discussions concerning women and gender, and … Continue reading

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KAYAN to the Police Chief: Stop the Gag Order Policy for the Murder of Arab Women.

Kayan Lawyer, Rawan Eghbaria, who released a statement to police on behalf of Kayan Feminist Organization Israeli police have routinely issued gag orders on murder cases in the Arab society, … Continue reading

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Kayan’s 2015 Annual Report

We are pleased to share with you our 2015 annual report, which includes a summation of our 2015 activities. Enjoy the read! Kayan annual report 2015

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“Fighting against the Murder of Women” Conference

Kayan and Baladna Association for Arab Youth organized a conference on the murder of women in Cinemana, Nazareth. The conference was well attended by women, men, and youth from different … Continue reading

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Kayan’s 16 Days of Activism Campaign

In 2015, and for the first time, Kayan took part in the 16 Days of Activism against gender violence. Below is a summary of the activities we carried out. 16 … Continue reading

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Kayan’s position on the appointment of judges in the Sharia Courts in Israel

On 11 of January, 2016, seven new Sharia Court judges were appointed by the committee for appointing Sharia Court judges, which sits under the authority of the Ministry of Justice. … Continue reading

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Second Marriage-For Men Only?

In this opinion article, Kayan lawyer Rawan Eghbariah, puts the problem of women’s lack of rights in the Sharia Courts onto the table. In particular she addresses the Sharia Court’s assumption that … Continue reading

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