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Nazareth: Kayan Press Conference on Women’s Exclusion from Local Politics – Corruption and Use of Force Identified as Forces that Hinder Women’s Candidacies for Local Office

Ibrahim Yousef Athameleh Published 07/03/2018 13:30 Original Article: Kayan Feminist Organization held a special press conference this afternoon at St. Gabriel Hotel in Nazareth, during which Kayan showed the results … Continue reading

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Kayan’s 2016 Annual Report

Greetings, we are glad to share with you are 2016 annual report, which gives a good overview of our 2016 year. Please find the report by following this link.

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A Kayan Women’s Group in Shefa-‘Amr continues their “Our Journey” campaign

In the context of a social campaign supported by the Kayan Feminist Organization, an organization which has established women’s leadership groups in various cities and villages, a woman’s group in … Continue reading

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Kayan Begins A Dialogue Project

Last Tuesday night, Kayan Feminist Organization held the first meeting of its “Kayan Dialogues” series. These events are meant to create a space for discussions concerning women and gender, and … Continue reading

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KAYAN to the Police Chief: Stop the Gag Order Policy for the Murder of Arab Women.

Kayan Lawyer, Rawan Eghbaria, who released a statement to police on behalf of Kayan Feminist Organization Israeli police have routinely issued gag orders on murder cases in the Arab society, … Continue reading

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Kayan’s 2015 Annual Report

We are pleased to share with you our 2015 annual report, which includes a summation of our 2015 activities. Enjoy the read! Kayan annual report 2015

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“Fighting against the Murder of Women” Conference

Kayan and Baladna Association for Arab Youth organized a conference on the murder of women in Cinemana, Nazareth. The conference was well attended by women, men, and youth from different … Continue reading

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